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Welcome to Wycked Fell Farm

We are a small family-owned and operated farm/ranch in Shasta County. We have 30 acres on which we grow organic vegetables and fruits. In addition, we have a small number of sheep, goats and other animals. We specialize in heritage breeds raised as naturally as possible.

Lambs are available from spring through fall. Goat kids are usually available in the spring. We often have chickens, chicks and hatching eggs. If we have animals for sale, they will be listed on the sidebar or the appropriate page.

We occasionally have a litter of livestock guardian puppies for sale. Check out the page for some information about the breed and links to other sites. We had our first litter of puppies May 1, 2012.

How we got our name (we know you want to ask)

Wycked Fell Farm" is an Anglophile English major's idea of a joke. Think "Cold Comfort Farm".

Wycked is a modern slang term meaning "awesome". It also means "terrible". We thought it was appropriate in both senses of the term, since farming and raising animals can have elements of both.

A "fell" is an old British place-word meaning a tract of uncultivated high ground used for grazing. Our farm is located in the Cascade foothills. The sheep and goats graze on an open meadow surrounded by orchards and forested hills.

So...Wycked Fell Farm.




updated 3/1/12



Currently for sale:

Berkshire sow for breeding or butchering $450.

Kids are here! We will have three all-white wethers (neutered males) for $60 each. They will be ready  for new homes after 4/1/2012.

Now taking orders for our Spring 2012 lambs - they'll be ready to butcher in the fall 2012, or you can buy them earlier if you like. The cost is $100 each (plus butcher fees, if applicable).

Taking reservations for Livestock Guardian puppies. They will be ready for new homes in mid-July.

Fertile hatching eggs available. Email or call for pricing.